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Bertazzoni vs Fulgor Milano

3 years ago

To me, both are unnamed brands that I've never heard of. However, the salespeople at two different stores (I called US appliance and went to see this in person at a local vendor) say the Bertazzonis are not reliable, aren't worth the price, are for aesthetics but not usage.

They also say that Fulgor Milanos are the same quality as other high end brands like Viking, Wolf, etc. and they actually used to make thermadors.

But are they just trying to upsell me? Because I can get a Master Series Bertazzoni Dual-Fuel 36" range at 3699$ with a free hood, or a Pro Series Bertazzoni 36" Dual fuel range at 5299 with a free hood. Whereas the 36" Sofia Fulgor Milano dual fuel range is 5999$ and they offered me a deal on a fulgor milano 36" liner hood for 300$ as well.

Both of these push outside of the original range I had wanted for a 36" range and hood (5K) but the all-in on the Fulgor with hood, delivery, extended warranty, and tax is almost 7500$, which is 50% over budget. It's not a lot in the entire kitchen remodel, but it's still a lot to go over budget on.

I don't want to go with the master series because with in person, that door seemed to slam open and slam closed. It's also got plenty of horror stories here and on other sites. It's harder to find details on the pro series though it does come with soft close doors and the ball-bearing slide racks. We also like that their ranges are cabinet depth and fit better. In a tight space (central island in our kitchen plan) I'm not sure how in love I am with the fulgor being 27" deep/sticking out so much. Is it possible to add a 'void' behind the cabinets to bring them out to fit flush/more flush with the range, extending the countertop over the back and adding trim to the sides to cover the void?

I like the Fulgor and I like how confident the salespeople were in them, but my wife hated the aesthetics in pictures. Luckily when we went to see them in person she hated them less.

I guess what it comes down to is brand reliability and consistency vs flush fitting and aesthetics. I really like the look of the bertazzoni pro range.

How much is that reliability worth/how bad is the bertazzoni, really? I'm upgrading from a kenmore electric range top, which was in the house for at least 5 years prior to me buying it, and has served me well enough for five years after, as well as a set of whirlpool electric wall ovens.

Appreciate any comments or insights.

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