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I'd love some ideas! for our small lounge combined kitchen area

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

We'd really love to start some home improvement for our small home (107m2 / 1150 feet). Any suggestions would be really appreciated as I've been thinking about it for a few years now and the carpet in the 3 bedrooms really need to come out soon! (lived here since 2009)

I've taken a few photos, everything is up for ideas - the only things that have to stay is the kitchen cabinets - but they need new paint and bench tops and the dark brown corner sofa (as it was wasn't cheap and it's so comfortable the family wont part with it!)

A few of the things that I'd love suggestions on include (but not limited too):

* Should the tiles that are glazed to resemble terracotta come out ? We would like to put in light coloured timber flooring in the bedrooms (as they don't get much direct sunlight). So would it be nicer to continue that throughout the house ?

* The coffee table ? suggestions on style / shape please! or is it ok and not to bulky for the room size?

* replace the 2 leather armchairs?

* would it be nicer to paint / lighter staining on the bookcase? or maybe replace them with something else?

* I'm thinking of painting the kitchen cupboards a warm

white and replace our old fridge with a white one, so it all blends in more with a light wall colour too?

* I've brought a large round mirror for behind the corner sofa would that be ok, or maybe other suggestions instead?

Thanks :)

A couple of the photos have been stretched to give a better overall view * I removed these ***

The Kitchen/lounge room has a raked ceiling except the bumped out area between the fridge and wall clock near the tv (in photo 3 of the kitchen, the top right hand corner shows a tiny bit of this lower ceiling bit)

From the front door to the back of the two single chairs (second photo) is around 4.5meters/14.76 feet - the plan shows 5.56m but that's to the island bench :)

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