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David Austin Rose - The Ancient Mariner (3rd year)

Hoang Ton
last year
last modified: last year

Tallahassee FL - Zone 8B

In its first year, it bloomed a lot. In the 2nd year it was muted, threw out a lot of octopus canes. Now in its 3rd year, I would say it displayed pretty nicely. It doesn't even get full sun due to the shade from the cherry tree next to it. It does have a nice medium scent. The big flowers don't last as long as Olivia Rose Austin's blooms. It's a healthy rose, and big.

Rose - The Ancient Mariner · More Info

Update - May 7, 2021

The blooms shatter pretty fast, like after a day or two, so I believe this is the max blooms that I can see at the same time. It's sure pretty though.

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