Midwest natives for rocky soil

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This question is posted on other forums, but wanted to get input on natives specifically, so if you commented over there no need to post again.

I never had to deal with rocky soil before, so not sure what to plant. Have an area behind the barn that is very poor, rocky soil. It's almost like some type of structure or gravel area by the back door of the barn was there before because it's mostly large pieces of gravel or maybe those small landscaping rocks or something. I was going to plant fruit trees there but that idea got scrapped after DH tilled and realized how bad the soil is so we decided to plant the trees elsewhere in the pasture where the soil is rich and easily workable.

I think DH is going to scatter some grass seed over the large area he tilled - because if he doesn't every pasture weed is going to take up residence, even if only some of the grass seed takes I'll be happy. But, I thought maybe a few plants close to the barn might look nice -- not a lot, just a small scattering. I'm willing to amend a small area but it's still going to be cr*ppy rocky soil, so what midwest natives will tolerate this type of condition? Open to perennials and woodies (trees or shrubs). Full, hot sun - sunup to sundown sun with heat reflected off the barn.

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