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Help! Sectional or Two Sofas in Open / Odd Family Room

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

My family room needs an update and the first and BIGGEST ISSUE is the layout of the furniture. The room is a bit narrow and awkward... there are French Doors on the south wall, a fireplace with TV over it on the west wall and a large sliding door on the north wall. The east side of the room is open to a kitchen/dining area. I currently have a sectional in there that is 106" X 86". No other furniture besides coffee and side table.

I need all new furniture for this room and the layout and pieces I should get are giving me a big headache! Please help. What I need to decide on is to 1. get another sectional in similar size and a chair, 2. get another sectional in a different size and a chair, or 3. get 2 sofas and a chair instead! We need seating for at least 4 comfortably as this is the main TV watching room. Any suggestions on layout (and even colors/pieces to get would be great!) Also, the rug is staying and it is a 10" X 14".

Layout is attached, as well as images of the family room and kitchen area.

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