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URGENT: Water sipping through the wall of our Shower

3 years ago

we built a shower with glass door -completed in late 2018. 6 months after - I saw the grout joint outside the shower door was expanded - was told it is normal. Then 2019-we saw some of grout joint were loose on the wall-2020-the wall outside the door hinged, were bubbled and also outside the shower bench areas-we checked that wall- there was no wet. Everytime we fixed the wall- re painted- the bubble kept coming back- we thought we did not re touch correctly -I think we fixed them 2X- Early 2021 -the glass company replaced the sealant on the glass ; but the paint kept bubbled-This time when we opened the wall - there were wet. The original plumber checked and found no leaks. The original contractor came and pointed there were cracked in the grout joint below the step out ( we just saw the marble theshold has a fine cracked)- We had 2 different expert in the bathroom- We showed them the picture of how they built the shower. They used a copper pan, durarock cement-then just tile the shower WITHOUT covered with the liquid waterproof membrane, Both of the experts told us – the contractor did not seal this screws on the durarock and they did not installed the tile properly- the grout is tight- no space at all for the grout going into the joint ( it is why the water went inside)- since there was no waterproof membrane, water seeping through from the bench - from the curbs. Can someone let me know what is the correct way to fix this? The expert will demo the floor-leave the copper pan, cover the rubber membrane up to 3 tiles from the wall , demo the bench - covered with the rubber membrane, place the concrete, painted with this liquid waterproof before tiling. This is my 25 years of dreams and had a very rough 9 months renovations, if someone here can help me what is the right way to fix to prevent this to be happening again, I will appreciate it.

as you see grout join under neat the marble threshold was expanded ( bubbled -3-6 months after the reno was done). I did not take a picture joint grout inside the shower where there is a cracked on the joint grout. ( a long that threshold where now the marble has a thin crack). The original contractor told us the water came from there, but he could not give us any clear answer why the same issue appeared outside the bench area. He told us because of the moisture. I feel he should have put those liquid waterproof membrane before tiling and cover all over the bench. I dont want to point finger - if anyone who is an expert let us know what is the right thing to do. If we follow the advises from the two experts - will this be resolved. Should we request a water test before the tiling and how should I approach them to do so? Also We want to use the correct material-anyone knows the name of this liquid waterproof? From the bottom of our heart- would like to say thank you for any advises on how to fix it the right away with a reasonable costs.

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