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New home build; need help choosing appliances!

Paula Tullio
2 years ago

It has been many years since I purchased new appliances and I need your help. Suggestions from experience would be most appreciated.

We will be building a new home and I need to choose appliances very soon in order to give the dimensions to the kitchen cabinet maker. I have done some research and, in consultation with people at three appliance stores, I have narrowed down some of the appliances I will need. I do cook and bake quite a bit as my family keeps growing!

I am after functionality, dependability, and quality, versus appliances all from the same manufacturer. I currently have all Viking and I hate them with a passion. The double oven had to be replaced after 5 years of use. As mentioned, I cook a lot.

The following are some of my choices:

Main Kitchen:

(2) 30" SZ refrigerators

36" Miele induction cooktop

30" Miele double oven (contour line)

Miele 7000 series dishwasher

BEST built-in range hood

24" Marathon wine cooler (not sure about this one - suggested by sales rep)

15" Whirlpool ice maker (not sure about this one - suggested by sales rep)

Prep Kitchen (I don't want to spend as much in this room):

33" Frigidaire all freezer (would prefer 18" but they seem to be more expensive)

30" Whirlpool gas cooktop (sales rep suggested)

30" Venmar hood

Blomberg front control dishwasher (sales rep suggested)

Breville the Smart Oven Air (I'm thinking of this instead of getting a range in the prep kitchen)

I know this is a long list and a lot to ask. Again, any suggestions to help with my decision-making will be gratefully considered. Thank you.

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