Received an “alarm for hours” noise complaint but I don’t own one?

5 months ago

This is now my second noise complaint. The first one was completely my fault, I thought I could lift and move a piece of furniture but dropped it and then forgetting what time it was dragged it.

but now this is my second noise complaint and gives no time frames, only a date, and claims to be ”an alarm clock going off for hours” and a reminder to turn off alarms while out of town. I was in town and I do not own an alarm clock! My phone is my clock and is almost always on my person. I don’t have any alarms set during quiet hours other than my morning alarms for work, but I have under an hour between waking and exiting the house.

i asked my property manager if they could give a time frame and let them know that I don’t own an alarm clock, hopefully in a way that still communicates I’m just trying to figure out what the sound could have even been. How can I prevent noisy behavior if I haven’t the faintest idea what they’re talking about? Do you know of anything that could be mistaken for an alarm clock?