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MisfitMarket members....the Marketplace

I've been really happy with the add-on Marketplace. And the produce. Just twice a month that seems about perfect. Lightly re-stocking my dry pantry. I make my veg choices Friday afternoons every other week. A few add-ons. The Marketplace can be visited until Sunday night to see if anything else has been added to the list. A few snacks, a bit of chocolate, pasta, grains, last month a muesli I used to buy years ago. This past week a few things for the pantry. I like having the time to research the product.

I like to have at least one small mayo. Usually make my own tahini after all the recent past re-calls, (I had to toss one last year). Did not realize the tofu is shelf stable. Only 1.29 so worth a try. The reviews on all three are very good on Amazon. I paid 8.25 for all three. Amazon and WholeFoods total is 24$

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  • 3 years ago

    The date on the mayo is 8.21. Probably why the have it. Most markets will not take it. Same when Bob'sRedMill changed their packaging last year. Misfits took all the old packaging with good best-by dates but a grocery would not take the old packaging.

    I'll test the tofu next week.

  • 3 years ago

    I should add that the veg date to choose is one chance. Mess with it and you start over....the marketplace can be added to. They will not clear your market basket. The veg choices will clear and need to start over.

    This pic is dated Feb 4th. I still have most of it in the pantry 'snack' basket. I make an overnight soak of chia and goji berries for a breakfast. That will last me most of the year and the dried mango, a full pound, 😳. DH likes the seaweed snack-packs. My full sheets went rancid so these I like for soups and into fresh salmon or shrimp spring rolls.

    Tates cookies! (those are long gone and we don't have much of a sweet tooth)

  • 3 years ago

    sleevendog, my daughter loves the gluten free Tate's cookies, says they are actually good!

    I've gotten a few things from the Marketplace, I got a great buy on quinoa and some good olive oil. This last time I got the Red Hot blue chips and the package was smashed and the chips were crumbs. I got an immediate credit to my account when I sent a picture, their customer service is really good.

    This was my latest box, I also get them twice a month, I order on Tuesdays and get the box the following Wednesday. No matter which time I choose, one or the other is inconvenient and I don't like having to hover over the computer until orders are taken exactly at 4 pm or you'll get nothing but greens. Other than the timing, though, I've been very happy. I'll keep getting boxes until the garden starts "coming in", then I'll be overwhelmed with produce and will suspend the shipments until fall/winter when I need good produce again.


  • 3 years ago

    You are getting those nice beet greens.

    Every couple weeks, after my delivery, I usually check the Misfits cooking group. Curious what they had to say about the tofu. They like it, especially the vegans. Not as firm as expected but just as easy to drain weighted.

    The purple sweet potatoes confused some. The less experienced cooks hate them. The more experienced say to use them as a mashed or make chips. Texture and flavor more like a russet, just purple. I've had them before but put them in a mixed roasted so I did not really notice. Might be good baked. Just don't expect sweet.

  • 3 years ago

    This pic is dated 11-2-2020. Early November. A few snacks. Confirmed we don't care for sous-cous. Easily used in mixed grains. (prefer Israeli toasted cous-cous).

    Not sure I could let go completely this summer up-coming. I might do once a month having selections. A few things I can't grow. Maybe every six weeks?

    I have an issue growing melons. Any variety and frustrating to try again. Every Misfit melon was excellent. How annoying in a grocery it is to return a bad produce product...customer service counter, yada yada...misfits is refunded from my desktop.

    Every baby watermelon last summer was beyond expectation. I ordered one in every veg box. Best avocados. The artichokes where horrid. Re-funded the cost. (at my desk). When we get bad produce at our local market we let it go. Too much trouble.

    Easy option to skip a few weeks.

  • 3 years ago

    I love the Marketplace. I get an order every two weeks and I always order the large Hass avocados. The price is better than my local grocery store and they seem to last longer. My only issue is the ordering window. In the middle of COVID, Misfits changed my delivery date and thus my ordering window. It was a horrible time for me. I was finally able to change my delivery day and get a better ordering window BUT even if I log on as soon as the window opens, half the choices are always sold out. It is very frustrating. How can they be sold out 10 seconds after the ordering window opens? I am goind to try to change my delivery day again and see if that helps.

  • 3 years ago

    I joined Fall 2019. I was part of the trials for selections and marketplace. It was 'squirrely' for a bit. At one point they just had one day to select. A zoo. I never thought they could pull it off.

    I'm content at this point getting just the right amount and getting my selections without substitutions. Pre-selections, mystery box, it was way too much fruit having loads in the freezer from early fall home harvest. The excellent seedless mini watermelons all summer were so worth it. Bad produce from a grocery is so annoying to return....we rarely do. Misfits will credit no questions. From home.

    Covid was a mess. Growing pains and clearly overwhelmed.

  • 3 years ago
    last modified: 3 years ago

    The tofu is really good for those that like it. We love it.

    Tender and silken....marinated....about to griddle sear.

  • 3 years ago

    Really good. Not extra firm but really tender and held together just enough for a pan sear. 12 oz instead of the usual 16. Perfect size for two servings. It is tight in the box without the extra water. Slides out easily.

  • 3 years ago

    This is dated dec 23rd 2020. The gr8nola is stellar. Like red beets, it is alarming at the exit...jet black.😂.

    Costco has the pasta brand now and organic. We only use about a 1/3rd bag at a time. Side dish and enough leftover for DH lunch. The figs I used over the holidays. Good olives. The gluten-free pasta from the same brand is excellent.

    I did have a bag or two of chips pop in transit but they were still fresh. DH..."I'll eat that!". A simple chip that tastes like potato and minimal salt.

    The Marketplace is like a TraderJoes trip. This-and-that and surprises.

    The gr8nola is 10 bucks on amazon...5 bucks marketplace. Maybe 8 in stores? I've been making my own for a dozen years. Food saver in pint packages in the freezer. But 2020 was a nice explore. Try new things.

  • 3 years ago

    You guys are killin' me here. Misfits keeps packing my fb with ads that say it's available in my state, but when I put in my zip code...noooooo. On the waitlist. Not holding my breath.