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Countertop Installation Dilemma - multiple chips, need advice

3 years ago

Hello everyone! We recently had countertops installed in our kitchen. To our dismay, the pieces arrived chipped up on the mitered edges. In addition, the other countertop piece was not installed against the wall on one side, which skews the orientation of the cooktop when installed.

Looking for advice - we want to make sure we are not overreacting as we do not have any experience with countertop installation and the margin of error associated. However, we did pay $1500 more for what was told to us to be a "superior" fabricator per our GC but don't feel that we received this level of service (aka above what home depot would provide us).

Please take a look and let me know if you find the chips in the miters and the offset nature of the other counter acceptable within the scope of paying an additional $1500 over home depot pricing.

Areas of concern:

-6+ in the miters as you walk into the kitchen from mishandling

-Jagged edges/chips on the bottom of the waterfall section, both sides

-Wall countertop not installed against wall (it was originally so far off the wall I could put my finger in the hole but they kicked it until it was somewhat close)

I've scoured these forums for answers but figured I'd just get your take personally. Thanks everyone!

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