attic as a study area for two kids

Soisth M
6 months ago

Our daughters will be going into the 5th grade. They share a bedroom downstairs and there is no space there to add 2 study study areas.
we have this media room upstairs which is now a playroom/storage (excuse the disaster!).
The room doesn’t have much natural light so my husband isn’t too keen on making this the study area but I’m hoping there is a way without spending too much. He wants to close off the formal dining (build a wall) downstairs (next to the kitchen) and make a double study there. I think that’s too close to the action in the house and they won’t be able to concentrate (we have an active little one). So I’m hoping this upstairs room has potential.

How can we make this room into 3 spaces?
Two area for each girl to study and another space (a corner?) for storage?

How can we brighten it?
All ideas welcome
Thanks so much!

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