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HVAC refrigerant lines under rigid insulation on top of roof deck?

3 years ago

Still trying to get my home renovated. Slowly making progress. Latest snag is running the refrigerant lines to the condensers. Because home is on slab and has limited attic space, most of the plumbing pipes (water and gas) are run on top of the roof deck and will be covered by rigid insulation and roof. I asked for part of the refrigerant lines to be run the same way (at most 15'), but the HVAC vendor wants to run a soffit inside even though I had stressed we did not want any soffits since the ceiling has exposed beams. I understand it is not unusual to have refrigerant lines run inside walls, so we don't understand why there is so much resistance to running the lines above the roof deck and covered with 8" of rigid insulation. I consulted my architect and he does not have any issues with the refrigerant lines above the roof deck either. Would love to get some feedback on this and hear what everyone thinks! Thanks!

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