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Soapstone & Quartzite mix

Elle N
2 years ago


Iam working on my kitchen and a bit stumped in one area... torn about mixing the counters or sticking with the same.

Selections are White Dove cabinets with soapstone counters and sink with a White oak Island and white zellige titles, plaster hood. We are pretty certain on the soapstone for the perimeter, but not sure if i should continue that on the island or mix it with something lighter?

I love marble.. but it will get destroyed if its on the island in my house. (teenage boys, sloppy cook)

So was thinking a quartzite if not soapstone.

Taj Mahal is pretty, but does it go with soapstone? Doesn't seem to be a common mix. Earthy enough to go with it, or just toooff in colors? (gold/brown vs black and white)

Any other suggestion to get that look? (NO QUARTZ)

Thanks. othewise ill just stick to soapstone i guess.

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