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FOTESS - JANUARY 'Our feathered friends'

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago


You must be a member of this group FOTESS (Friends of the Earth Simple Swaps) in order to participate. If you are interested in joining, you will need to contact/message Jeanne (sandlapper_rose) about the requirements. We are all about keeping things simple.

Who loves BIRDS! I know many of you, including myself, love BIRDSbirdwatching, feeding and filling birdfeeders and watching them eat, growing flowers/plants that attract different birds, photographing birds, listening to birds, reading about birds, just watching the birdsor maybe even have a BIRD as a pet! (we would love to know!) **Bonus** your pet BIRD photos!

When You sign up PLEASE CHOOSE A BIRD that you enjoy for whatever reason, and why. DO NOT choose the same BIRD as someone else.

We will be sending a BIRD card (this can be handmade or store bought) to the person you are matched with.

Included in your BIRD card, 3 packs of seeds relating to your person(s) BIRD that they chose at sign up. For example … If someone chooses the Swan as their BIRD, then maybe one might choose to send seeds for ‘white bird of paradise’ or ‘white swan coneflowers’ … or if someone chooses the Cardinal, then one might choose to send ‘RED petunias’, or maybe ‘cardinal flower’ seeds. BIRDS enjoy pecking away at many seeds so the creativity there is limitless.

Lastly we will also include a FUN BIRD item ... this can be anything so long as it is representing a BIRD.

Signups end JAN. 7 and mailed no later than JAN. 21.

1) A BIRD card – (handmade or store bought)

2) Three (3) packs of seeds relating to your person(s) BIRD at signups

3) Lastly we will also be including one ‘FUN item’ also representing BIRDS. This could be anything … as long as there is a BIRD(s) represented.

All items mailed MUST HAVE a tracking number.

You will need to post here when you mail out and post again once you have received.

Games this month will be:

FIND A BIRD SCAVENGER HUNT get your cameras ready!



**BONUS** Pet BIRD photos!

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