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Please help! Narrow hallway runner dilemma

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Help please! I’m going in circles trying to figure out how to put a rug in this hallway.


  • Old Parisian apartment with old, very squeaky parquet
  • No soft furnishings so sound echos badly
  • We have (nice!) neighbours below us and my 3 year old runs like a thundering elephant

So I need something to “soften” the hallway. I know no rug is going to deliver real soundproofing but “just leave the nice parquet” isn’t an option anymore.

I am leaning towards antique persian to add some colour and warmth so I don’t want to make a very expensive mistake!

Normally I would get something that runs the length of the long hall but I am stuck on a few points:

  • need to be able to close the door, and it’s very low to the ground (I could cut it down if this is the only solution, but would prefer not to)
  • BIG PROBLEM: the door to the bedroom is not aligned with the hall
  • Hallway is narrow and heating pipes limit it further. So “standard” runner sizes don’t really fit (and I don’t want something that looks like a hotel anyway)

Please help me figure out to place a runner (or multiple?) in this space! Thanks!

View towards bedrooms

View from bedroom

Hallway layout:

Options I've considered:

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