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DECEMBER 2020 Annual FOTESS Holiday Card Swap!

DECEMBER 2020 Annual FOTESS Holiday Card Swap!

It's that time of year again, when we celebrate with our FOTESS members by sending greetings and well wishes to all in the group! This swap is only for members of the group FOTESS whuch stands for Friends of the Earth Simple Swaps. You can check with me (Jeanne) if you want information about membership in the group. As most of you know, Shirley (sjc48) initiated this FOTESS Holiday Card Swap and I believe it was 9 years ago. She is no longer able to participate here, but I know many of us think about her when this swap comes along.

As always, this is going to be a very simple swap: If you sign up, you will be sending a holiday card to 3-5 of your fellow FOTESS members who have been current active members since January 2020.

If you would like to include a small gift in your card, you can, but make sure that the gift is small enough to fit in the card and mailed with just one regular stamp.

Little Tuck-Ins ARE NOT REQUIRED. The card is the important part. Handmade, store bought, it doesn't matter.

Sign ups will be held until Tuesday December 8th. Then I will email each member who signs up a list of the names of the members she will send to.

PLEASE KEEP THESE NAMES SECRET - PART OF THE FUN IS THE SURPRISE! However, post to this heading when you send and when you receive. For the post about receiving, yes, then you can tell who sent to you.

The deadline for mailing your cards is the end of the year. There is no theme this year, you can send for Christmas, the Solstice, New Year's, or any other holiday that takes place in December.

Please remember to write FOTESS on the back of your envelope, so no one confuses it with the swaps.

I'm going to be brave and attempt another crossword puzzle game for this month. Let's see if I can do better with it this time! Please remember that we are taking sign ups for members to be hostesses on the month of their choice for 2021. Please help us out with that.

Merry Christmas.... and Happy "Other December" Holidays! December is a very busy time for all but I do hope that many of you are able to participate.

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