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Foot sound question: WPC vs SPC vs Marmoleum Click vs Waterproof Cork

last year
last modified: last year

I have read hundreds of reviews on this and other sites about the merits of these plank flooring products. I can’t seem to figure out which has the best foot “sound”—which is the least tappy/clicky when walking on it when properly installed? I will be putting it into a 24 x 50 ft room with a newly built OSB floor with a washer/dryer, but no pets or kids, just me walking on it. I want it to look AND sound great, not like the hollow Pergo sound. But it has to be floating, not glued, so perhaps there’s no avoiding that sound? I talked to a local rep and he said SPC would be louder because it's stone, but then I read the exact opposite online.

Thanks in advance for your real world advice!

EDIT: Thanks for comments so far. Note that I don't mind a sound as I walk on it--I usually wear running shoes and don't expect it to be silent--I have had wood, engineered wood and glued down Marmoleum and those were fine. I just don't want it to be fake/hollow/plastic sounding.

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