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pros and cons of EVP vs hardwood

Kristie Garner
5 years ago
So I've been torn on what to install in my new construction house. I fell in love with this wire brushed solid hardwood floor called Rattan Maple. Bad thing is I have small children and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take long for them to rough it up. Pro- it can be refinished. Con-it will take away the wire brush effect I love so much. price: 4.99 sq. ft.
The sales people said I should think about luxury vinyl. Pro-it's very scratch resistant. I took keys and nails to it and couldn't scratch it. its waterproof so I don't have to worry about spills, etc. Con- it's louder so I would want to install a eco-silent barrier to make it less clunky feeling. price: 2.69 sq. ft.
Both floors have a texture to them (which I like) instead of feeling smooth. Both have that rustic feel and different color variations. I have seen both in person and they are really pretty. The evp pic attached doesn't do it justice.
Who has installed EVP or hardwood with little kids? any thoughts on helping me decide? I need around 2,000 sq ft whatever I decide. That could be several thousand price difference. Help!

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