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Wood floors vs. Luxury Vinyl wood look

2 years ago

I have read many many stories on the horrors of real wood floors on here and people saying NEVER again.

I would like a un-polished White Oak, wide plank look. So now we have Luxury Vinyl, and they are hard wearing, water resistant and some look pretty good. I have found one that I thought was nice however the photos online from the manufacture and the sample book look terrible. I was fortunate enough to see a large sample put together that I liked. However, I am worried that they picked all the best planks to make a great looking example and that it was not a good representation of what you would really get. I am now considering getting a box and putting it together in a room see how it functions and looks.

So back to the wood, solid, engineered. The big complaint that I saw was water damage and now with all of these smart gadgets. Is that really such an issue anymore? They have water turnoffs for A/C systems, dishwashers, washers, did I get it all? What do you all think? I will mention I live on a ranch and the floor will see its fair share of dirt, doggy nails.


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