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4 burner vs 5 burner stove top, looking for advice

I am starting to look at stove replacements. Nothing fancy. Just a standard freestanding gas range. I currently have a basic 4 burner, broiler in a drawer under the oven area which I HATE. I'm seeing 5 burners with a round or oval center burner in the middle. Do those center burners not get as hot as the other burners? Assuming the oval burner works well with a long griddle, that would be great for pancakes.

The one basic 5 burner gas range I saw, it was a Frigidaire, to my surprise had the broiler inside oven which made me smile!! But now that I'm researching, I read complaints with some 5 burners that the burners are too close or that there's no place to set utensils etc. In regards to broiler, so far I'm finding Frigidaire and Samsung have the broiler in the oven.

Input on things to consider when going from a 4 burner stovetop to 5?

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