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Have you ever closed a website? need some suggestions

2 years ago

I am going to end my website - and have some questions. I see that this forum has not been very active and I hope there are a few web designers that can help me. The reason for closing is that my son, a quadriplegic, who was the inspiration for the site passes away last year and it makes me too sad to work on it. The site has been active for more than 13 years and we have recorded more than 41,000 verified visitors. We did not sell anything and we did not advertise but provided free downloads, gardening videos, projects for kids, and reached out to people of all abilities to learn how to garden safely and successfully.

I have changed the auto-pay for the site name as suggested on line. I also designed a closing graphic for the home page. Another suggestion was to keep the site active so it could not be used by a new company that would look like it was the same site - and spam my old visitors. Would one year seem to be long enough?

Any other ideas to close and still make the information available to people seeking access to all the lists and downloads? Hope there are a few folks out there who might have other ideas? Here is a copy of the closing graphic.



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