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Any PRACTICAL reason not to use LVP in my kitchen?

last year

I'd been considering LVP for my basement, but now that my house is full of samples, I've identified one that's the perfect color to hide doggie footprints while coordinating with the rest of my color scheme. It has a substantial wear layer and thick backing. I've put down a few planks as a test area in my hallway to step on with bare feet now that the weather is cool and I'm blown away by how warm and comfortable it is under foot.

Any reason it wouldn't work as kitchen flooring? Should I be concerned about a floating floor in that environment? This would be newly-constructed space, so we don't need to worry about how it'll lie over an existing floor, though I wonder if I'd need additional waterproofing over the subfloor if I'm doing a floating installation.

(I know people here have very strong aesthetic opinions on this, but I'm interested in the practicalities. I am not going to use tile because I'm a klutz who drops things and I'm also concerned about my elderly mother, and aging me, falling on an unforgiving surface.)


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