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Patio Retaining Wall Help

Uptickk R
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hello All!

I am undertaking my first DIY paver patio and need some thoughts on the retaining wall/step. As you can see from the picture my yard slopes from the top left of the picture to the bottom right. The string line itself shows a 10'' drop. The plan is to make all 8 stakes one level with appropriate drainage slope. What I am having trouble visualizing is the how to create a low retaining wall where the 3 hydrangeas are planted and around the bottom right porch post. I was hoping to not have to eat into the backyard entrance by having the wall include that post so the only other option is to stop right before the post.

Edit: My primary question is... what is the best way to construct the retaining wall that will run the length of the porch? The other sides will be "easier" as I have space to dig, fill and compact.

My initial thought was to use concrete blocks but the footers for the existing three posts would leave gaps which could allow material to wash out. Is it acceptable to use pressure treated ground contact wood across the posts and then backfill that? I want this to last a while so don't love the idea of using wood but from what I see ground contact wood resists rot for quite a while.

Don't mind the terrible grass! I have used this forum to help start getting that in better shape as well!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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