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need help deciding between sub-zero and Bosch fridge!

Nick X
3 years ago

I’m going through a full kitchen remodel and struggling mightily with my fridge choice.

I’ve narrowed it down to wanting a 36” stainless steel built-in french door fridge, with an internal water dispenser, but I can’t seem to make a decision on which one!

the top two contenders are:

Bosch 800 Series French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator (w/middle drawer) (B36CL80SNS)

Sub-Zero 36" Classic French Door Refrigerator/Freezer with Internal Dispenser (BI-36UFDID/S)

both are well within budget, but it seems the sub-zero doesn’t have split shelves, which we have now and use heavily given how we like to organize our fridge. of course I know about the SZ reliability and construction, but I’m struggling on why I should pay 4x the price for something that lacks basic functionality?! are there aftermarket split shelves I could get?

Any comments to help me out would be highly appreciated!

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