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Has anyone ordered from

2 years ago

I really do not like ordering fabrics on line, but I have had to do this lately and have mostly had good results. However, last Tuesday (Sept 22) I placed an order at, and I did receive an order acknowledgement immediately in my email, but it says "pending shipping" with no expected ship date. I immediately responded and asked for a ship date, as I will be at this address for only 10 more days, and I placed the order 2-1/2 weeks before I planned to leave. Normally I receive fabrics within a week and certainly no longer than 10 days. No one has responded to my email, and I sent them another email today saying I would cancel the order if I did not hear from them. I think I will give them until Saturday to respond, and then I will have to call my bank to cancel the order. It will take a few days (or a few weeks) for the bank to make the cancellation, but since they are unresponsive, it should not be an issue for me to cancel.

I noticed on the credit card withdrawal that they have a phone number of 636-343-6620 mo, and when I did a reverse look-up, I found that this number is for Carr Textiles in Missouri, in a suburb of St. Louis. This seems to be a legitimate company, but it is a wholesale only company. I guess I will call this number tomorrow to see what I can find out. The site does not have a phone number listed.

I'm curious as to whether anyone has bought from them, as they have a good selection of fabrics that I am interested in buy for making swimsuits. If I cannot get a delivery from them, I may have to hold off on this project, even though I have already started on the pattern drafting.

Any feelings about this company and their web site? Do you think they are a scam?

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