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How to transition drywall to concrete wall in garage?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

In my garage, the common wall to the house has a 6 foot stem/footer concrete with wood studs above to the ceiling of 16 feet. Instead of setting the studs back 1/2 inch to allow for the finished drywall to be flush with the concrete plane, the original builder set the studs flush with the concrete surface/plane. This means the attached drywall juts out 1/2 inch over the plane of the concrete stem/footer. As I have stairs parallel to this common wall, this ugly drywall to concrete transition that has the drywall jutting out over the concrete is a nuisance for catching snatching items (belt clipped on iPhone) not to mention looking ugly. In a complete garage remodel (drywall has been removed), what would be some suggestions for addressing this so I can have (as much as possible) a nice looking, clean and durable transition at this point where unfortunately the drywall is not flush with the concrete stem/footer?

In addition to creative product ideas that can be introduced to act like transition/trim to the edge issue (not necessarily related to drywall or concrete) ... has anyone had any experience with this type of situation where a thinner concrete backer board is introduced at the transition area (right above the concrete but only 3" or so tall) that the drywall would then sit flush upon (the drywall would now jut out 1/4 inch or so over the backer board) and then that whole backer board transition area be feathered with a hot mud (setting mud) so that it blends a nicely as possible into the concrete? If so, would this feathered hot mud area bond well enough into the top 2-3 inches of concrete such so that the transition could be painted over (both concrete and drywall) and be as least noticeable as possible?

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