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Help with new fiddle leaf fig (to repot or not? pests/poor soil)

3 years ago

Hi there!


I recently purchased a fiddle leaf fig plant from a local nursery (~2 weeks ago) and am hoping someone can help me with best next steps for care. My main question is: should I repot the plant now? I'm trying to weigh the pros/cons given the suboptimal timing with it being September vs. the potential for some of the issues I'm seeing worsening (which I'll explain below) if I don't repot the plant soon. I've included MANY photos below with more detail. Thanks in advance for any + all help you can provide, and don't hesitate to reach out if I can share more helpful information.

Pest issue?

Upon bringing it home and inspecting it more closely, I noticed a white cobwebby/fluffy substance on the underside of one of the leaves (photo A below). I kicked myself for not noticing this when I was at the nursery, but the leaf was somewhat hidden. I dug a little deeper and only noticed one other spot that appeared to have a similar issue (photo B). I quickly removed the material and sprayed the leaves with a mixture of Castile soap + warm water. After a few minutes, I rinsed the plant with water and later that evening sprayed it with bon-neem.

Soil issue?

Since spraying the leaves with bon-neem, I've kept a close eye on the plant since and haven't seen any new white spots pop up, but I have seen some brown spots appear. This morning I woke up to see the plant had dropped a semi-yellowed leaf from the bottom of its trunk (apologies, I did not think to take a photo before composting it)! From inspecting the soil, I'm guessing it needs more aeration as it still feels somewhat moist and I haven't properly watered it since bringing it home (outside of the light/unintended watering it got while in the shower). I've included some additional photos that I took this AM to show the plant is doing now - including the leaves and soil.


Photo A, cobwebby/fluffy substance:

Photo B, cobwebby/fluffy substance:

Photo C, plant + location/sunlight:

Photos D, E & F, updated photos of the leaves - some brown spots + whiteish blotches on the underside of the leaves:

Photo G, newest leaves up top - hardly any brown spots/much healthier looking:

Photo H, location on the trunk were the leaf fell off this AM:

Photo I, photo of the soil the plant is currently potted in. Probably a little hard to tell, but it's packed/ a bit moist - I tried to gently aerate it a bit by loosening it up with chopsticks to create some ventilation + moved the topsoil around w/o damaging the roots, but trying to determine whether repotting using a more suitable soil (5-1-1 mix or something else?) would be preferable.

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