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Heartbroken over Dove Wing

2 years ago

Hello - I am hoping someone can help me. After months and months if searching, we landed on BM Dove Wing. After painting a small area, it looked blue. Went to BM and they said there is no blue undertone and its not possible and advised us to add another coat which we did. Now the majority of our house is blue. We did get tons of sample pots and tested a problem area that always looked yellow and Dove Wing looked devine! Sandy, warm and not yellow and definitely not blue!!! We thought the areas that get less lighting, that we’d get a darker shade of Dove Wing - not that it would completely change colors!! Even BM did not believe me that these two walls are painted the same color - they are, I did it myself. We have a open floorplan with large windows on the east and skylights in the kitchen. We have tons of light and dark on each wall so it’s been near impossible to find a color. We have a color expert come in and help, she recommended Edgecomb which turned dark purple in a lot of areas. I’m not even picky anymore, I just want a color that looks neutral in light and dark areas...not blue, purple or green.

Have tried:

Edgecomb = purple

Chantilly Lace = ridiculously glowing white

Dove Wing = blue

White Dove = close but way too light

Revere Pewter = too dark, very taupe

White Linen = yellow

I can’t remember the rest...there were many.

Please see pics and offer any advice if you have it. I feel like maybe it’s a BM problem...should I try Sherwin W?

90% of the time, this wall looks blue. Around 4pm it looks wonderful for an hour then blue again. Painted trim white on top to see if it would help. It didn’t - I don‘t want to paint trim/doors if I can avoid it. I want to avoid it!!

over microwave - only above the two cabinets is where I fell in love with Dove Wing

these two walls are painted the same color. It may look gray to some of you but that is only bc of the pic, it’s baby blue.

Please help!

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