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Is anyone else having major Covid kitchen cabinet delays.

3 years ago

This might come off as a little bit of a rant, but I'd like some feedback on our kitchen remodel issues and if anyone else is running into the same problems. we ordered kitchen cabinets through a local company back on June 13th. When we first visited the showroom in May, we were told that lead times were 4-8 weeks, depending on the cabinet manufacturer. after finalizing our measurements and design, by the time we were ready to sign the contract, the lead time was pushed to 8-10 weeks, possibly 12 due to covid. it wasnt the best news, but we understood that covid is effecting a lot of businesses and worked the delay into our timeline.

I've been checking in with our kitchen designer every 3 to 4 weeks. Every time I was told that our original delivery window still looked good. At the end of June, we were given a delivery date of August 27th and install date of August 31st.

When we were two weeks from our install date, I checked in with our designer/installer to confirm dates. All of the sudden he is saying that the manufacturers have pushed back our order and we now won't be able to install until October 7th, over 5 weeks after our initial install date. He's blaming it on Covid, but our original timeline already included a covid delay. And why would we be given a firm delivery/install date and then have it pushed back an additional 5 weeks? I should note that we are using two brands of cabinets, Kraftmaid and Quality Cabinets. They had slightly different lead times with kraftmaid being longer, but now he is saying that both manufacturers are delayed and on the same lead time.

I feel like something else is going on, but I'm having trouble getting any information out of our retailer. I understand Covid is making things more unpredictable, but we were given a lead time and lead times are supposed to be based on when we order. also why were we given a concrete install date and then have it changed last minute?

is this a common headache and one to be expected or is something more going on here? This delay is costing us a lot of money and I don't feel like the company is taking our concerns seriously.

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