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How much is too much damage to refinished cabinets due to install

V Fitzgerald
2 years ago

I hired a GC to remodel my kitchen. He brought in a cabinet maker to install my prefinished Dura Supreme cabinets. The cabinet maker took no time to study the design and proceeded to cut 1/2 inch off the bottom of all the base cabinets. This was all good until he got to the refrigerator section and did not have enough height to clear the built in refrigerator. He had to uninstall everything (lowers and uppers) and shim up the base cabinets. Thankfully I had planned on furniture base that covered all the stupidity, but the hard handling of the cabinets took its toll. The foreman had the cabinets installed before drywall texture was done. So that sub contractor reworked the ceiling over the top of the pre-finished cabinets resulting in more damage. Then there are the other typical scuffs and dings from the plumber, the electrician, the flooring guys and the painters. So now I have a kitchen full of new cabinets and nearly every single one has at least one if not three mars. Most of them small, but it adds up. Looks like they have been installed for 5 years or more. What is a reasonable solution? Do I have them completely repaint or do I pick the worst of the doors and have them buy new ones. It will be hard to do that and there will be a lot.

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