Floof! Your new title(s)!

last year

I, as self appointed queen of this thread, have decided to GRACIOUSLY bestow upon all of you honorary titles. However, you must inform me of what they are, so that i can, you know, have them to bestow upon your heirs or whatever.....

Here are the parameters:

Your Title shall be "Lord" or "Lady" (Last thing you ate) of (Something that makes you happy)+any embellishments such titles require to add consequence. I shall start.....

In addition to Queen of this thread, my other title is:

Lady Cheetos Puff of Pink-ing-ton-shire-ford.


If you would rather remain a peasant (or have an alter ego to mingle among them) tell me your "Quarantine name." It consists of how you feel right now + you favorite food in the whole world. If my above title intimidates you, feel free to call me:

Amused Chocolate

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