Shopping via Instacart


If you use do I on a very regular basis but with the aid of a the following recent report and use caution when shopping.

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Elmer J Fudd

The article says that some Instacart sign-ins were obtained from breaking into other websites. Using a VPN won't help you at all for such incidents, not a stitch. VPN encrypts data transmissions enroute to mask their contents and your location. It lands at websites in the same condition and with the same info (other than originating IP address) visible to that site as if you hadn't used VPN. The site you're accessing has to see your username and password in plain, unencrypted form (as if no VPN) to grant access. That's what was taken and then used on thousands of other sites.

You seem to have a number of misimpressions or misinformation concerning different IT topics.

My instacart password is definitely reused - if someone wants to abscond with it and use my NY Times digital subscription, they're welcome to do so. Two factor authentication is annoying and mostly unnecessary. It's often recommended or required by financial institutions and it's mostly to protect them, not their customers.

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