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Windows 10 Update: is it supposed to be slow upgrading my PC?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

My desktop had a Windows 10 Update scheduled for 8:21am CT this morning. I have been trying to use it since after lunch time but I cannot login or get the login info displayed on the screen. It displays the Windows Login Screen where it typically shows time of day, where it asks for my password and where it asks if I like the picture being displayed. Except the screen is only displaying the time of day. Not asking if I like the picture. Not displaying the field where I type passwords or the buttons to select other forms of login on. Is it still busy?

I tried clicking with the mouse and it does nothing. I tried tapping one finger on the screen but tapping just temporarily moves the time slightly off its original place and then puts the time back in the original spot.

Is it still busy doing the upgrade or what? Is it supposed to take this long?

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