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Mia heart update!

Today Mia had the Echo on her heart. I am very glad we did this echo. The Echo Dr said we did exactly what we should have done and did it fast. He said her heart responded great to the medication. Her heart is no longer enlarged! So her heart looks good. The problem that caused the Congestive heart failure is that she has developed a tiny nodule on the edge of one of the valves in the heart. Which is causing the valve to not completely close and the blood flow is not completed as it should be. This is extremely rare, he does not know what caused it. Sometimes it can be an infection somewhere in the body. Out vet said she learned about it in school but had never seen one in real life.
The Dr said to put her on enalapril to help lower her blood pressure on the valve. And she goes on a round of antibiotics which we will do occasionally. She gets the Lasix when she needs it, she stays on the vetmedin for life as well as the enalapril.
My vet was very pleased. She said the reason she could hear such a pronounced murmur was because of that nodule. She was so happy that the heart is no longer enlarged. It's much easier to treat and less dire.
I am so thankful for the doctors and I am a true believer in prayers 🙏 and positive thoughts. I am so appreciative of y'all and how much you care. Mia and both of us say a huge thanks to all of you!

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