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Editing videos shot using Olympus or Fuji camera and software on PC?

l pinkmountain
2 years ago

I'm trying to make YouTube videos using home cameras. I don't like the interface on my phone, (which is Android) plus I just don't want to use my phone. We have two nice high res. cameras, one Olympus Tough F2 and one Fuji, fairly high end, can't remember the model, it's my husband's. Both shoot video, but I'm having trouble with the formatting and editing. The Olympus camera shoots in a .MOV format and that won't work on my Windows Player or editor . . . I don't want to get a lot of new gear, I just want to shoot with the camera and then use the memory chip to download and edit on my laptop and then somehow share or send it to friends for review before posting. This is proving very problematic at present due to file formatting issues . . .

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