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Spray Kohler Cast Iron Tub White? Suggestions?

2 years ago

I am remodeling my bathroom. I have a mustard yellow / gold Kohler Villager From maybe the 70’s. Not sure how old. It’s in great shape but the color is bad. My plumber suggested buying a new Americast tub to replace it. The builder suggested buying a newer more modern version of it, Kohler Bellwether. They still sell the Villager. I hate to spend the $$$ to tear out a perfectly good tub to replace it with one that is not as well made or one that is exactly like the old one. Install is the money issue. Anyone had luck with the various spraying companies? Miracle Method? Or?? 550 was the cost to spray white. I just don’t want to squander my chance to replace if spraying doesn’t work. Thx for your help!

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