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Height of cast-iron tub for family bathroom

9 years ago

I am looking at 30x60 cast-iron tubs for our bath remodel. Our house was built in '52 and the bathrooms are very small. We remodeled our master bath, which has a shower (no tub) last year.

The new tub will be in an alcove, have an apron (is not drop-in), and will be used mostly for showering but sometimes for bathing. On that latter point, since it will be the only bathtub in the house I would like for it to be reasonably comfortable for bathing - I love baths but have no tub in the master bath. On the other hand, it needs to be easy to step over/get in and out of because it will be used daily for showering.

I also need to keep resale in mind - our house is a family house and a someday-buyer will likely be thinking in terms of the ease of bathing small children.

Our current circa 1952 tub is 15" high from the floor.

Current bathtub candidates are:

*Kohler Bellwether (15.5" high)
*Kohler Archer (19" high, this is a "soaking tub" per the Home Depot website - too high?)
*Kohler Villager (14" high - too low for me to enjoy an occasional bath?)

I would appreciate any help you can offer, including other suggestions for brands and models.

FWIW, the design plan is traditional: White subway tile with black pencil trim, black & white basketweave floor. So I would prefer simple lines for the tub design.

Also - what is the maximum height for ease of getting in/out for showering, and minimum height for enjoying the occasional soak?

Thank you!

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