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July 2020, Week 4

How is it already this late in July? Even though it has been miserably hot and humid, it still feels like it is sort of flying by.

It feels impossible to come up with a chore list of garden chores we could be/should be performing at this time of the year when time in the garden is cut short by the endless heat. Still, I'll try.

This week we should be watering our gardens as needed, deadheading flowers as appropriate, harvesting veggies, fruits and herbs when they are ready, and keeping a nice layer of mulch on our growing areas to help keep the soil cooler and more moist. I won't even say we should be weeding. This is the part of the summer when I personally start weeding because of the risk of venomous snakes lurking underneath plants. Any of you who want to go on weeding in this insane heat certainly should continue weeding and enjoying it, while take care to remain cool and hydrated. Lawns might need to be mowed. We mowed ours last week and, with lots of heat and no rainfall to speak of, it hasn't grown a bit, so we don't have to mow this weekend. Yay!

If anyone wants to plant fresh tomato and pepper plants for fall, we're approaching the end of the window of opportunity for that. You need to get them in the ground (or your containers) now so they'll have a chance to produce before frost. I noticed last weekend when we were at HD for something else, that their crepe myrtles in pots were blooming, making this a nice time to choose one by color if you're looking for a specific bloom color that you like.

Lots and lots of pest insects are popping up now, but so are the good guys like assassin bugs and green lacewings, so watch for the good guys who I hope are showing up to help you fight the bad guys.

Have a great week everyone, and don't forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and wear a hat to shade your head in this awful heat.


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