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July 2020, Week 3

2 years ago

Wind, Storms, Drought. Oh my! Storms came by and thundered loudly as me last night, but nothing came of it..I checked the outside dog bowl this morning and nothing in it. So..I may have to water today and I probably will have to mow (*sigh*)

I'm expecting rare company starting this coming Friday and lasting for about a week and a half, so I'm preparing the house (ie cleaning). You ladies can probably imagine a bachelor male that has no one visiting house for 1.5 years at a time. The cleaning can't be completed in a days time, or even two or three.

Yes, I didn't give Dawn a chance this morning, I had sleeping issues. I was reading a fantasy novel and it got too good and I had to stay up to finish it, and then...well here I am, after four hours sleep at my normal waking time.

I hope everyone is staying cool, while we wait for the weather to break.

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