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dryer outside exhaust vent Install

A. Tomas
2 years ago

so for the record I know how to install and mount a dryer Exterior vent, Thats not the exact issue, I have a weird situation I never worked with before, it’s the mounting to the type of sheathing I’m having a hard time figuring what to do. So the house I bought a few years ago has a older vinyl dryer vent with a 4 horizontal flap opening, pretty typical, just old and beat to living hell, flaps won’t close etc. I’m finally replacing This thing after I finally got to remodel my laundry room. Its mounted to a fiber board ( nothing solid , I should say barely mounted) that I have never seen before. from research I’ve done it’s possibly a celotex fiber board House was built in 60’s, and the existing mounting block the mounts to sheathing under the siding was installed with wood screws into the celotex which are all loose and stripped out to all living hell ( oviously this stuff is not ridged enough for screws) not sure why they installed this vent like this. and I dont really know what a easy way to attach a new vent Would be with nothing for screws to bite into. i don’t want to remove siding and cut this stuff out and replace it with plywood or some other rigid hard sheathing, that’s just seems like a nightmare. just the most simplest last finishing touch to my projects to run a damn vent through the exterior wall to hook up to my dryer exhaust hose and this is the thing I run into. Please any suggestions, do they make hardware that would go into this type of weak material that holds etc. I can’t find much info on this sheathing when I search.

thank you

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