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I need ideas on installing a transom window on Ext Door

2 years ago

Hello, I have a friend that I’ve done a bunch of work for interior that is wanting an exterior door installed with the transom. I’ve installed a lot of doors, and exterior doors as well. I’ve done some window replacements, so I get the idea of waterproofing the opening. And this situation, my friend took it upon themselves to go to a home improvement store and purchase a window for their front door based on my measurements I gave them of the opening without consulting me what type of window to get. Now they are stuck with a window, that I am unsure that I can properly flash and prevent water penetration.

I will have to support the ceiling on the interior once I remove the door so that I can raise the header and frame the opening for a door with the transom on top.

they purchased a buck frame window, that has no nail flange, so I’m in a little pickle on how to properly flash, tape, seal water from penetrating through the opening. Once the door and window are installed, I plan on trimming out the front door in a craftsman style trim. Much of that aluminum siding on the exterior will be cut straight up in around that window, and I will use J channel. I’ve contacted the manufacture of the window, JELDWEN V-2500 series picture window, To see if they have additional parts that they sell to create a flange for that window to install, similar how they would do a buck window for masonry opening. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated

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