Went Back to Work This Week


Wednesday was 1st day back. Casino has strict rules for our safety. We are supplied with gloves, masks, face shields and Goggles. I wear mask and face shield.
Temperature is taken before we can enter building.
Many of my co-workers in my area actually forgot how to do certain things on the computer. Myself included hahaha. But we joined forces and helped each other out so we could refresh our memories. It's amazing how you can do something every single day, be off work for 4 months and then forget how to do something.
Casino also has bottles of hand sanitizer at every table and the areas where the supervisors stand. I have been put in charge of making sure all the bottles are refilled every morning and every afternoon. It takes about 2 hours to do every single one but I'm getting my exercise walking around the floor everyday.
In just three days we have gone through 20 gallons of hand sanitizer. When I went this afternoon to check the supply I discovered we were out. I told my boss I was waiting for the shipment to come in and he said he would keep an eye out for it.
I'm exhausted but it feels so good to be back at work and getting back to my routine.
SamKaren Your resident dj

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Are the customers required to wear masks? Because, you know, it does attract people who like to gamble :-) Also, I wonder who wearing a mask affects poker players trying to "read" each others' faces?

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Yes customers must wear masks and have temperature taken. We don't have poker at our casino but that's a great question

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So you're feeling positive about safety for yourself and customers? that's great -- we do all have to figure out how to live with this infectious disease.

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