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How would life be different now w/o on line shopping & internet?

2 years ago

I know younger people have more trouble adhering to social distancing rules and wearing masks, but think how much difficult life would be if we did not have the internet for at least some socializing and especially for on-line shopping.

What would you be doing differently with regards to cooking and shopping if you could not easily have things delivered to you?

For me, I think my anxiety level would be even higher, and I would feel even more vulnerable. I would probably have to go shopping more often, and it would be even more difficult for me to find certain items, such as yeast and whole wheat flour. The store I went to yesterday was out of whole wheat flour, but I do have white flour, and so I can use that, but I really prefer to make whole wheat bread.

Would you be eating and cooking differently?

What about other items that you may have been ordering on line, such as cooking utensils, prescription medications, etc.

What if you also did not have cable TV but only an antenna? We actually do not have cable in Cathedral City and only watch antenna TV, which is good enough, and I have a lot of books to read. I would miss communicating on line and would probably make more phone calls and write letters.

Suppose this epidemic happened 30 years ago, before Smart phones and widespread internet connection.

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