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Frustrating trip to the paint store (and internet vs real life)

16 years ago

Argh! That was annoying! I just got back from the local paint store.

I'm restoring a 1929 kitchen, and I have a combination of heavily painted, smelly (but adorable!) 80 year old cabinetry, new reproduction unfinished cabinetry, and bondo-repaired wood areas. It all needs to be primed and painted (some by me, but hopefully mostly by a pro). Right now, I mainly just want to prime inside the new unfinished cabinetry (b/c counters come tomorrow, and with counters, it is harder to reach in there). Then a pro can do the rest...

Sooooo, given my variety of "surface needs", and the positive reviews, I decided to get a gallon of the Zinsser BIN (and use disposable rollers inside the cabinets). The guy nixed this plan (b/c he thinks BIN should be handled by pros only), and gave me the Zinsser oil primer instead. Ok fine. He tried to talk me into the water based 1-2-3, but I said I was uncomfortable using that on raw wood (and it is very soft wood too!). He got the first of "the look" when I rejected the 1-2-3. You know that look? That "this lady is crazy to disagree with me" look?

He asked what paint I'd ultimately be using. I said I didn't know, but had heard very good things about Cabinet Coat. He gave me another look, and said "What is that??" I said, "You've never heard of Cabinet Coat?" He actually snickered. No, he'd never heard of such a thing. And he's heard of everything. Lots of eye rolling. (Did I call it by the wrong name???)

He recommended oil for the cabinets, and I asked for painter rec's (and got a few). As for the brand of paint, he basically said to leave that up to the painter.

Not a good experience. Not sure if I want to keep doing business there (though I really like to shop locally, and this is the only local place I can get BM paint).

What do you think of his opinions re: primer, and Cabinet Coat?


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