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First foray out in three months

4 years ago

Went to the big city to get the hail-damaged car back [2020 equinox, $5,600 repair].

Attempted a TJ run. LONG line. 20 minute wait. I couldn't [back/hips]; she did. Required masks [which was fine]. Counting customers. One out, one in. Shopping took less time than waiting in line [me, in the car].

Happy with results: a melon, some 21-gun, and artichoke dip [which we adore] and perhaps a few munchies I'll see on Sunday ...

Then did a burger stop at B bops. Better than a Mickey D's. No incredibly rude people, except at the rental car return. Tolerable.

Good distancing, maybe 55 percent with masks ... younger folks didn't, older folks did.

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