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Lost. Need kitchen help please

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hi. Our builder is replacing our tile floors with any color Shaw vinyl we would like. We are stuck 2000 miles from our house due to COVID so we can't see anything in person.

Counters: Crema Pearl granite - these are yellowish and I don't think they go great with anything else I like.

Cabinets: Espresso I think. They're very dark brown.

Walls: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Backsplash: light grey-greige-ish tile. They are our current floor tiles, but on the walls

Floors: I like the look of Shaw's Chiatta but it's a 12 mil and I'd rather have the 20 or 30 mil with pad. Since we can choose virtually any Shaw color, we'd like to stick with either Titan, Antica/Pantheon HD Plus, Alto HD Plus, or Largo, maybe Intrepid HD Plus. Some of the colors on the list that we liked online from these collections are Arcadia Barnboard (might have too much contrast, might be too dark), Plato Oak (kinda blah), Modern Oak (too light for my taste), Saggio, Aardiesia, Temporale (kinda dark in person, very grey), Fiano, Calcare (kind of light), Tempesta, Giardino (I think we liked this in person but grey and kind of light), Trevi, Capri, Santa Maria. I'd like to see Alassio, Tortona, Sanremo, and Biella in person. I can't pull them up on Shaw's photoshop site (floorvana). There were several other colors we looked at but they lacked waterproofing, the pad or the higher wear layer.

We aren't sure if we will stay in the house and need something that would be universally appealing and somewhat timeless.

I like the glam look - glitter, mirrors, crystal, fur. I love glittery quartz countertops and love mother of pearl backsplashes. I don't think a pearl backsplash will look right with our busy counters. So we'd need to replace the counters. It's only 2 years old and wouldn't make sense to change things to match what I like if we're going to sell. The kitchen is huge so it's a lot of counter to replace. It's a huge expense that we won't get back since it's purely cosmetic (replacing 2 yr old granite with quartz). So the floors have to look good with what is currently in the house and would need to look good if we changed the kitchen colors.

I like the look of the grey floors but I worry they will look dated if we sell. I also worry that too much grey will feel cold especially since the space is open and large so it already isn't all that cozy. I was able to get a sample of our counter and cabinet at Lowes and looked at floor samples but they didn't have the Shaw colors, it was only to see shades that did or didn't work. I don't think most of the brown floors really worked well. We have 5 kids and a Saint Bernard so they'll get dirty. So a color that won't show off the dirt will work best.

I've tried Shaw's online photoshop type tool but the colors aren't the same as they are in person. I've been looking at Instagram for photos of their floors to see them in real life. I saw some colors before the quarantine but now the floor stores near me are closed and I'd feel pretty douchey asking someone to come in when they wouldn't be the ones doing our floors. Plus we don't have samples of our colors to see how they'd look in our house. There are tons of colors I like in person that don't look right with our colors.

If you've made it this far, thank you.

1. I would appreciate any recommendations re picking a floor. They've been waiting for a decision for about 10 months already and my husband is getting so antsy he is going to tell them to go with anything. But the house is 4500 sq ft so if we replace them later, it would be an insane expense. We're stuck with these floors for life.

2. Should I bite the bullet and replace the counters/backsplash since that's I feel it's limiting my flooring?

Will attach pics once I figure out how to get them on here

Our kitchen. Sensa Crema Pearl counters and espresso cabinets

2 of the colors I saw before the quarantine. Not sure how they compare to real life pics. They don't look like the photoshop pics on shaw's website.


On Shaw's website, fiano almost looks like my old honey oak floors (that I can't stand) with no color variation. But I know I liked them in person.

Not a great pic. It's an open floor plan. It's much bigger than it looks IMO.

Swatches - our colors with a random floor colors (not one of our floor choices). The paint is a shade off from our actual paint color.

I don't remember this color, wasn't Shaw. Kind of brown, kind of grey. Could be Trenton Oak, Westlake Oak...

I think this warmer brown looks bad

My husband likes really light colors. I do in photos but I don't think I want anything really light.

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