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Floof-ish! New food discoveries!

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I was in the Walmart Marketplace today, to get a few things that we need at home as well as something to eat at work. I am SO sick of chicken with broccoli. I am trying so very hard to stick to my low carb diet, and while i have the ability and equipment to cook whatever i want to at work, since i work alone having to stop and tend to work duties a lot sometime thwarts my best attempts, so i go for the easy stuff. Such as chicken. and broccoli. Or salad. Or tuna. Getting reeeeeeally bored.

Today while I was in the dairy section, getting some half and half for SOs waffles, i came upon a new(to me) delight. Cheese wraps. Wraps made completely out of cheese! 90 calories, 0 carbs. Now, i have made deli meat rollups with cheese in the middle before, and this would essentially be the same thing just reversed, i get that. BUT i was still happy to find it. I shared a picture of them with my sisters and mom, only to be told that those are NOT new, i must have just missed them. Oh well. They are new to me and i am just tickled,even if it is just the novelty of it. I tried one when i got to work. the colby jack cheese wrap, ham, mustard and a pickle. (Claussen, just in case you're reading Marilyn!) Very happy.

Any new discoveries you were thrilled about? I remember when Whisps first starting appearing and i was thrilled with those too.

I am easily amused. What can I say?

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