MSI quartz sample does not match installed counter tops

last year

I recently had MSI Q quartz countertops installed. The color is called "Cararra Marmi" I have white cabinets and I wanted to go with a quartz with a whiter undertone. After they installed it, I noticed that it was a lot tanner or off-white than the sample I had chosen in the store. In fact the three separate pieces almost look like they were taken from different slabs. It's driving me crazy. They were the most expensive purchase in my kitchen and for the money, they are not consistent at all. They are coming to look at them but I'm worried they won't replace them due to the "variance" of the slab as they call it. I would have never spent all this money on these counters if I had known it would be a surprise as to which shade I got! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Has anyone else had this issue with quartz?

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