Jay- you might be interested

ZachS. z5 Platteville, Colorado

Well today I was pulling the mountains of weeds out of my vegetable patch and came to realization I have sand dropseed EVERYWHERE. I yanked a bunch of it but then remembered it was a plant you had mentioned being interested in But having trouble finding it. If I can figure out a way to mail it “bare root” to you I can send you a few plants if you are interested. No worries if not but just thought I’d ask before I pull all of it out.

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Jay 6a Chicago(5b/6a)

Hey, Zach. I just saw this post, 6 months later, because I take a short cut to this forum and don't see the other posts. I'm so sorry for not ever responding, but I never saw it.The Cryptandrus sounds nice. I wonder if you have a hard time viewing threads with hundreds of comments, let me know, and I'll limit them. It's been a bizarre year, hope you're doing good. Did you have a summer?

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