Buying Chicken During the Pandemic


I don't know what is going on with poultry production, but buying poultry in a grocery store sure has changed. It is easier to find boneless, skinless pieces than intact. You'd think with all the shortages of butchers/meat processors that the more labor intensive boneless and skinless poultry would not be the primary product available. Also, the chicken breasts are huge. Where did all the normal sized pieces go? The ones I find look like they just might be turkey breasts.

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The reason the pieces are larger is because in some areas the chickens are older when they are butchered. Growers would rather hold the poultry for a period of time hoping the processing plants reopen than have to kill and destroy the carcasses.

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I've heard that they've bred the chickens to produce breasts so large that it's hard for them to walk, they almost fall over.

ole joyful

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I'm finding the opposite. I haven't seen a boneless, skinless chicken breast in weeks. I'm actually happy about this as I prefer to buy breasts and thighs that still intact, and until recently, they have become very difficult to find.

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